Care Services

Service Provided by Link Community Care

Link Community Care will provide a domiciliary care package to enable people to remain at home with help in the following areas;

Personal Care Includes:

  • Assistance out of bed
  • assistance into bed
  • assistance to wash/shower
  • assistance to dress
  • assistance to use the toilet
  • assistance to manage incontinence
  • assistance with medication
  • haircare
  • skincare/wound care
  • stomach/catheter care
  • eye drops
  • caring for frail eldering in bed
  • palliative care

Nutritional Care:

  • meals
  • special diets
  • snacks
  • drinks/supplements
  • assistance to eat and drink
  • safe food handling/storage

Practical Care:

  • washing dishes
  • tidying work areas
  • making bed
  • light housework
  • emptying commode
  • ironing (may be agreed during sit services)

Respite Care:

Respite service is available for carers and can be arranged to suit your requirements.

  • daytime sit service
  • waking night service
  • nighttime service

Risk activity which is not carried out by Link CC staff.

  • performing catheterisation
  • giving injections
  • administering suppositories or enemas
  • ear syringing
  • cutting nails
  • lifting or moving heavy furniture or such items
  • lifting a client who has fallen – care workers must seek medical help and remain with the service user ensuring they are warm and reassured until help arrives
  • we do not allocate services or extend existing services; this is carried out by the Trust representative (care manager)


Care workers are not permitted to assist or supervise medication which has not been dispensed correctly into a blister pack by a pharmacy.  All over the counter medication is the service users responsibility and staff will not administer or supervise.

Standard of service

The care workers will be punctual and will stay with you for the length of time specified and will work to complete the tasks allocated.  However, in some cases, the care worker will leave when the tasks are completed, therefore ensuring the agency is not intrusive in your lifestyle, and this will be reviewed periodically to ensure your needs are met and you are satisfied with the service.

Care workers

  • Our care workers wear a uniform to carry out their day to day tasks in service users homes unless otherwise agreed with their line manager and client when attending hospital appointments etc
  • Our staffs will have an identity card displaying their photograph with the company logo
  • Dedicated staff will wear protective clothing when providing personal care tasks
  • Link Community Care staff will train in specialist areas to enable them to deliver a competent service
  • Our care workers will treat service users with respect, be polite and courteous at all times
  • Staff will treat your home and belongings with respect
  • Our employees will keep a record of all tasks carried out in your home, this information will be held in your home until the end of each month when it will be returned to the office by your carer
  • Staffs will carry out all tasks as details by the care plan and as agreed with the service user
  • service users can make any concerns known to the agency by phoning the number on their file
  • Our careworkers are not permitted to handle money unless there is a signed consent form in the file
  • Link Community Care staffs are not permitted to accept any gifts, money or vouchers from service users that appears to have a monetary value of more than £5.00
  • Our Staffs are not permitted to assist or supervise medication from boxes

Link Community Care quality monitoring

The agency aims to monitor service user satisfaction with the following methods.

  • annual service user satisfaction questionnaire
  • line manager monitoring visits to your home,  Announced and unannounced
  • monitoring phone calls


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