Terms & Conditions of Services
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Charges for services purchased by the Local Trust

If a care package is arranged by a care manager and the local Trust is the purchaser then there are no fees liable to Link Community Care from the service user. There may well be an arrangement in place whereby a service user will be expected to supplement towards the cost of care if this exceeds the Trust allocation of hours.

Charges for private service users

Private service provision is available, the service user will be charged for work undertaken by an employee of Link CC. The service user will have agreed the work undertaken, the cost, and the payment methods prior to commencing the service. Where there is care management involvement, the agency will ensure the care manager is informed of any private arrangements. Rates are available on consultation. Holiday periods will bring about a change in rates, each period will be planned prior to service provision.

Payment for services

Payment for services provided will be itemised on a Link CC invoice which is issued on a 4weekly basis. Each visit will be listed along with the individual charge. Fees are due for payment immediately on receipt of our invoice.


Link CC will provide the appropriate gloves and aprons for care workers. It is the responsibility of the service user and or the local Trust to provide all other necessary equipment eg; hoists, commode, bath seat etc. It is also the responsibility of the service user or Local Trust to maintain the condition of such aids and adaptations.


The local Trust has contracted Link CC for services. All missed calls must be reported to the Trust care manager representing the service user. Full daily services will be paid if the client is either admitted or discharged from the hospital. Or if the service user cancels a call due to a hospital appointment. Contracts are reviewed 3 monthly to enable the agency to grow or to update on the reduction of hours etc.

Referral process – clients referred by South Eastern Trust

The service you receive from Link will have been decided during an assessment which will have included yourself, family, carers and a representative of South Eastern Trust you may be familiar with or known to you as a social worker or care manager. Service user’s should be aware of the plan of care agreed at the meeting and the proposed support to help maintain their safety and well being at home. Once a package of care is agreed this brings about a referral process where a community agency such as Link Community Care will become involved in the care package.

Referral Process – Private clients

Individuals may purchase care services directly from Link using direct payments or private funds. A Link Community Care services manager will visit your home to carry out an assessment of needs and inform you of any services Link can offer to help meet the assessed need. Current charges are available from the agency if applicable.

Service Provision

Where possible, and before the service commences all information regarding the needs assessment will be collated and the care plan and timetable received from the care manager. An agency file will be made up with the following;

  1. The service user guide.
  2. The service user care plan
  3. Daily evaluation sheets
  4. A basic risk assessment.

Copies of the file will be left in the home of the service user.

Once the service has commenced the service user, relative and/or care manager can contact the agency Manager to adjust any of the requirements so long as it is within the ability of Link Community Care to do so.

Management and control of operations

The registered Manager Beverley Loney is responsible for the day to day smooth running of care services. The manager ensures all staff are working within the requirements set down by the DHSSPS Minimum Standards, and other standards set by professional regulatory bodies and standard-setting organisations, such as RQIA and NISCC. Any issues arising are reported to the registered person. The registered manager ensures staff are aware of all policies and procedures within the agency through the following;

  • Supervision
  • Team Meetings
  • Directing staff to relevant policies when issues arise.
  • Training & Development planning.

Other responsibilities carried on by the registered manager is;

  • Receiving referrals and setting up files
  • Monitoring visits
  • Attending reviews
  • Selection & Recruitment of Staff

In the absence of the registered manager, the responsible persons are Katherine Hall and Sarah Hanna will oversee all duties on a daily basis. Continued absence extending a period of 28 days will be reported to the RQIA with details of temporary arrangements.

The Responsible persons,

Beverley Loney is Managing Director

Harry Loney is Finance Director.

Responsibilities for ordering and payments for goods and services.

Overseeing the cash flow of the agency through monitoring income and budget planning.

Managing director of finance is Harry Loney, responsible for;

  • Staff Payroll & records
  • Bookkeeping and cash flow
  • Training & Development through HMRC
  • Adhering to HMRC Policy & Procedures for Employers.
  • Liaising with the agency Accountant
  • Insurance certificate

Care workers responsibility

  • Carry out all domiciliary care packages as per rota.
  • Report on a daily basis any changes or concerns to the registered manager
  • Report immediately any accidents or incidents to the registered manager
  • Ensure they follow all the agency policy & procedures in relation to their conduct in a client’s home, wearing of a uniform, use of equipment and record keeping.
  • All staff are aware of ‘whistleblowing’ policy and must report poor practice issues to the registered manager.
  • Attend relevant and mandatory training.
  • Work towards NVQ qualifications

Arrangements for the keeping of records & documents

The agency will comply with the guidelines of the Data Protection Act 1998, Minimum Standards & Access NI Code of Practice when dealing with the safe storage of documents, client and staff files.

  • All staff files will be stored in a locked cabinet.
  • All client files will be stored in a locked cabinet.
  • Destruction of files will be carried out at the recommended timescale.8yrs.

Arrangements for the notification of reportable events

All reportable incidents/accidents will be reported to South Eastern Trust as per policy of the agency within one working day. All relevant paperwork will be carried out, and an evaluation of the situation will be carried out to prevent further incident.

Compliments procedure

Service users can compliment staff and the work they do in their homes by contacting the agency by phone or by sending a card of thanks with a comment regarding how the staff are helping them. Service users may also contact their Care Manager to comment on their care.

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