Mission Statements

Philosophy Of Care

Link will provide a service promoting dignity and self-esteem of service users through ‘empowerment’ and ‘advocacy’ by seeking clients views, and where possible, acting as an advocate on their behalf.

Values Underpinning The Agency

The philosophy and practices of a domiciliary care agency should lead to a friendly and caring service where service users are listened to and feel valued, their rights are upheld, their cultural and religious beliefs are respected and receiving a service is a positive and beneficial experience. In order to achieve this, managers and staff must at all times have the following values firmly embedded in their practice.

Dignity and Respect

Each service user will be respected as individuals and will be valued in all situations. Staff will work in a non-judgemental manner and carry out all tasks with agreement and consent.

  • There will be an acceptance of a whole range of differing home conditions.
  • Service user’s religious, cultural or ethnic needs will be accepted.
  • Staff will safeguard the service user by sensitive and attentive care.  The dignity of the service user’s who because of their mental state, disability or infirmity are not always fully in control of their behaviour and their appearance.


While we follow the assessed needs of our service user’s, care staff will respect the service user’s wish to remain independent, where possible, supervision of a client’s ability can promote his/her independence and self-esteem.  Link Community Care will:

  • Promote safeguards to ensure that limitations placed on a service users independence are justified, explained and regularly reviewed.
  • Foster independence and help maintain and develop the service user’s existing skills.
  • Facilitate service users in making their own decision rather than have others do so.


Our service users have individual and human rights; this is included in all our agency procedures. Service users must be an integral part of all assessments and their wishes must be considered where safe to do so.  Link Community Care will:

  • Safeguard service user’s right not to be subjected to abuse, exploitation, deprivation or neglect whether physical, emotional, sexual or financial.
  • The service user has the right to refuse the service.
  • All services must be provided within the legal framework within which the Trust operates.
  • Safeguard service user’s right without discrimination or prejudice on any ground, whether age, race, gender, religious, political or culture.

Equality and Diversity

Our service users will be treated with respect and dignity and as equals to self and others whilst valuing all cultural differences.

  • Staff will work in an anti-discriminatory manner.
  • The agency will provide appropriate information regarding the cultural beliefs and specified special needs in order to inform staff and build relationships with our service users.


When safe to offer choice in assessed need, the agency will work with statutory representatives to enable service user’s to tailor their care package based on the clear accurate information.  To enable a service user with the choice to live at home, Link Community Care will:

  • Provide assistance in a manner acceptable to the people concerned.
  • Service user’s and careers should have a choice regarding acceptable risk.
  • Ensure the service user’s and careers should be included in all decisions, which influence the type of care and how it is provided.


All service users have the right to be free from intrusion or public attention in relation to individuals and their affairs.

    • Service user’s expectations and preferences regarding personal privacy should be respected.
    • The service should be as unobtrusive as possible.
    • Information relating to the service user or their family should be treated as confidential.
    • Staff involved should remember they are all visitors in the service user’s home.


Service users have a right to contribute to their plan of care. The agency ensures their view is sought by including service users in all assessments and seeking their view on the care they receive.


Link CC will treat all information regarding service users in a confidential manner. Any breaches by staff will lead to the implementation of the agency Disciplinary Procedure.

Care workers must liaise with their line manager if they are uncertain about any issue relating to confidentiality, or when they are aware of any information which may have legal or criminal connotations. Eg; a service user gives them information which may put self or others at risk.

Service users are entitled to have access to all personal data held by Link Community Care and you may request to see this file by writing to the agency Service Manager.

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